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Ciro Di Lella works as an Art History and Literature teacher in a private school in Rome and freelances as a translator of Young Adult and romance novels (English to Italian) for a publisher based in Brescia. In the past, he has worked as the artistic director for a film club aimed at high-schoolers. He got the film bug when he was in middle school and hasn’t stopped watching and writing about movies ever since. He’s also a voting member of the International Cinephile Society (

Three movies that are all about atmosphere and character rather than plot, three highly stylized realities that mirror the struggle of self-discovery


Craig Gillespie's new movie explores and discovers the dark irony in one of the most discussed American stories of the last thirty years


Warrior, princess, hero, icon, Goddess, and yet fascinatingly flawed. Patty Jenkins’ old-fashioned take on Wonder Woman is all that and more.


With their nominations (or snubs), these ten characters represent what Hollywood can do to defeat Trump culture and what still needs to be fixed


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The indie sensation of the year allows Black manhood the luxury of vulnerability and offers a hopeful outlook for masculinity