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Ciak Polska Film Festival in Rome

The Ciak Polska Film Festival will be held at Casa del Cinema, in Rome. At its third edition, the Festival dedicated to Polish cinema will take place from 13th until 19th November, with almost 30 screenings.

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The Ciak Polska Film Festival will be held at Casa del Cinema, in Rome.
At its third edition, the Festival dedicated to Polish cinema will take place from 13th until 19th November 2015, with almost 30 screenings


On the agenda, not only films but also documentaries, animation films and short films from the prestigious Wajda School. In addition, two retrospectives of classics by the masters of Polish cinema will be shown at Cinema Trevi.


On 17th November, a retrospective will be dedicated to Michał Waszyński. On this occasion, two films of the famous director will be shown for the first time in Rome: La grande strada and Fiamme sul mare. Those two movies were lately found, and are presented in a restored version. Introducing the retrospective, the director Piotr Rosołowski, who is currently producing a documentary about Waszyński, The Prince and the Dybuk.


Krzysztof Zanussi will be the the guest of honor: during the 18th and the 19th November, a retrospective of 7 films called Krzysztof Zanussi – Viaggio in Italia will be dedicated to him and will reflect upon his relationship with Italy through his work.


Also, on 15th November at 4 P.M. the event “Tea time with Polish cinema” will take place. It will be an homage to Krzystof Krauze by the critic Lukasz Maciejewski.


But the Ciak Polska Film Festival is also about promoting new Polish directors on the international scene.
Among the other films, we recommend Gods by Łukasz Palkowski, Kebab & Horoscope by Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Flying blind by Katarzyna Klimkiewicz and Ziarno prawdy by Borys Lankosz.


Such a Festival confirms the vitality of Polish cinema, and, judging by public response from last years, it does bring Italy and Poland closer.

Francesca Laura is a talented and eclectic writer, she works as a script consultant for a well-known film production house in Italy, while cultivating her passion for literature. She is currently involved in different projects with directors and authors.

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