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UberAura is a volunteer-based online platform based in Italy (Rome and Milan) dedicated to the sharing and promoting of the visual arts, cinema, and literature. It reports insightful views on artists, artworks, movies, and books and investigates contemporary culture and society. Our ultimate aim is to go beyond the aura of a work of art, asking questions, activating debates around society, aesthetics, and politics. 

We want our public not to be a passive consumer of information but an active thinker, enjoying art in all its forms.


    • Pills includes articles about specific topics in art, cinema, and literature – including art history, classics, monographs – and addresses those who want a bite-size, introductory approach to the arts.


    • Reviews offers a critical gaze on exhibitions, films, books and more.


    • Points features opinion pieces and different retrospectives on specific issues in the arts, discussing their cultural and social facets.


    • Findings is a space devoted to artists, art spaces, and projects that we believe in and support.



Editorial team 

Giulia Carletti | Visual Arts section editor
Francesca Laura Cersosimo | Cinema and Literature sections editor

Elena Hall  | Proofreader
Tammy McCarron  | Proofreader

Filippo Pavone  | IT and web assistant


Suzana Benesova | Art contributor
Flavia Catarinelli
| Art contributor
Antonella Codeferi | Literature contributor
Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino | Art contributor
Andrea Di Carlo | Literature contributor
Ciro Di Lella | Cinema contributor
Jay Manari | Cinema contributor
Tommaso Carlo Mascolo | Cinema and Literature contributor
Patricia Plaszczyk | Art contributor
Sylwia Stępień | Literature contributor
Giorgia Tamburi | Art contributor


Would you like to be a contributor? Or do you want to propose a collaboration? Contact us at



Uberaura is an idea of Giulia Carletti and Francesca Laura Cersosimo.