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A Story About Women That Every Man Should Read

Have you ever pictured a happier life than the one you are living?

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Have you ever pictured a happier life than the one you are living?
In The Girl on the Train, this is what happens to Rachel, a girl addicted to alcohol. Everyday she observes other people’s lives from the window of a train, while on her way to work. But one day she sees something she shouldn’t have seen. From that moment on, the story unravels through a series of surprising and shocking events.

The plot explores Rachel’s feelings, such as fear, hope, envy and, above all, love. There are many frightening moments and the reader becomes so involved in them that they are able to feel the same as Rachel. In fact, Paula Hawkins’ writing style causes almost compulsive reading, so that you cannot stop turning the pages to find out what will happen next.

Moreover, since Rachel is not the only girl in the novel, a key point is the constant presence of the female universe. Everything is described from a female point of view as the reader comes in contact with two other girls and they also give their own interpretations of the unexpected occurrences.
For this reason, The Girl on the Train is a book about women and their relationship with men, especially with lying men. In the book, these men taunt women and take advantage of their frailty and love, as they don’t really and truly love them as they say. Through the heroine, the author wants to warn and leave an open question for everyone: should we trust the people around us?

Thankfully, after keeping a high level of tension for the entire tale, Hawkins offers the opportunity for salvation for all those women betrayed by their men in some way. Her direct, simple and clever use of the narrative structure makes this book a thrilling masterpiece that not only women but every man should read.


The Girl on the Train cover - UberAuraWriter: Paula Hawkins
ISBN: 978-1594633669
Pages: 323
Publishing House: Riverhead Books
Year: 2015

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