Podemos Melilla calls for immediate reforms in the General Larrea neighborhood |MelillaToday

2022-08-02 03:12:15 By : Mr. Tenlead China

United We Can Melilla has denounced the "unfortunate state" in which the General Larrea neighborhood is located, an area located in the vicinity of the Technology Center.José Ouviña, a member of the purple formation, assures that the neighborhood has been abandoned to its fate for decades.“You only have to look at the age of the sidewalks.All kinds of plants have grown and it is impassable.It gives the feeling that the neighborhood has suffered an apocalypse where humanity has disappeared.In the opinion of José Ouviña, the asphalt of the streets "is equally deteriorated and full of potholes, where an elderly person can stumble and hit the ground with his head."On the other hand, Podemos Melilla believes that the Local Government, just as the previous one did, "has left the neighborhood abandoned to its fate so that the neighbors, disgusted, end up leaving on their own."(Read this news in full in the digital PDF edition of MELILLA HOYhttps://online.melillahoy.es/membresias/)Access all the complete news and our exclusive content by subscribing to Melilla Hoy Premium.You can now make your purchase in the "Digital Version", in PDF format, through this link: https://online.melillahoy.es/membresias/ Thus, from anywhere in the world, you canHe has assured that no matter what happens, it will not be any inconvenience for the future of the Melilla PP The president of the Popular Party (PP) Melilla, JuanThe TEAMA association, hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, is in charge of organizing activities and spaces for children with special needs,More than 450 Infant and Primary students will benefit from this publicly supported initiative CentrosD2 continues to offer children in the camps