They burn four containers of containers in the same area |News The Tribune of Ciudad Real

2022-08-02 21:04:40 By : Mr. null null

New night of vandalism in Daimiel.This past dawn four containers of containers have been burned in the same area: in Sagunto street;in Flor de Ribera street;at the corner of Las Tablas street with Vega de Azuer and at Coto del Carmen with Palo del Duende.A call from the neighbors alerted to these fires around two in the morning, whose charred remains still smelled this morning.The Councilor for Street Cleaning, Mari Carmen Rivero, lamented these acts of "a minority but they harm us all" and that they will mean an extra expense of more than 2,200 euros.It is the price that it will cost to replace these four yellow containers, and to which must be added the hours of work that municipal services have to dedicate to eliminate the remains of plastic adhered to the road and the sidewalks."We don't understand this way of doing harm and harm unnecessarily," she protested.An attack on the municipal heritage that, in addition to causing a disruption to the recycling of many daimieleños in the coming days, can cause a significant security problem if these fires affect other containers, vehicles or adjoining homes."There are electricity cables that can get caught, people with respiratory problems who have their windows open. It's outrageous, I have no words," she repeated.Rivero confirmed that the Daimiel City Council is going to present the relevant complaint, as it did less than a month ago after the damage found in the playgrounds of the recreational area of ​​the El Pilar neighborhood.Days before, five other containers were also burned and the play area of ​​the renovated Terrero Blanco park and the Calisthenics park in San Isidro were damaged.A succession of acts of vandalism that he hopes will not be repeated and for which, as happened last night, he asked for citizen collaboration.On the one hand, to avoid further damage, and on the other, to try to get the Security Forces and Bodies to arrest their authors."If anyone sees something, any indication, let them report it," she insisted.Finally, the Councilor for Cleaning also denounced the theft of containers in recent weeks."There is an area where they take them away from us and that causes the garbage to overflow in those that remain. The containers are in their place for a reason, and that way we only manage to hurt each other."Other websites of the Promecal GroupC/ Alarcos nº 4, 4º 13001 Ciudad Real, Spain Tel: 926 21 53 01